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The Ultimate Creator Studio [Notion Template]

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The Ultimate Creator Studio [Notion Template]

Ev Chapman
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Steal all my strategies, templates & processes for building a successful Creator Business.

Over the last year, I’ve developed a suite of different ways to track everything that is going on in my creator business. From content to ideas to tracking & growth & goals.

Let’s face it there’s a lot going on as a creator, once you get over the fear and start creating there are more ideas to capture, there is content to plan and all sorts of things to track.

The Ultimate Creator Studio is your one workspace to manage all the parts of your creator life & business. Whether you are just starting out, or you’re somewhere along the path and feeling like things are getting out of control, you’ll find headspace and peace knowing you can keep it all here in your creator studio.

The Creator Studio is part Notion template, part crash course in creator systems. You’ll find a well-designed and thought-out workspace that makes producing content feel effortless and workflows & templates that help you get in the flow.

But you’ll also find quick tips & videos from me to help you brainstorm ideas quickly, analyse your content, build products and finally get that product out into the world that you’ve been dreaming of. It's like having me as your coach!

What’s Included In The Ultimate Creator Studio

  • Comprehensive Notion Workspace Template (Duplicate & Get Started Straight Away)
  • Idea Generation Hub: Learn how to come up with endless ideas for content, Collect inspiration & steal all my templates & frameworks for great hooks, headlines & more.
  • Over 100+ Hooks, Headlines & writing templates you can steal.
  • Content Production Hub to plan, produce & remix your content into endless creative things.
  • Projects & Tasks Hub. Track all the projects & everyday tasks that come up in your creative life.
  • Growth & Tracking Hub. Track & analysis your audience growth, how your content is performing, your income & your goals as a creator.
  • Pillar/Topic/Niche Revealer. My unique system for letting your niche and your pillars reveal themselves to you.
  • Endless Tweet Generator. One of my most downloaded tools is embedded right into the dashboard - never have to ‘brainstorm’ ideas for content again.
  • Product Starter Kit. Everything you need to create, market & ship your first digital product.

Who Is Ev?

Hey 👋 That’s me! I’m Ev & I was a wannabe creator on the internet for 10 years leaving a graveyard of forgotten creative projects spread over the internet. In 2021 I started writing little yellow essays on Twitter & finally found my thing. I’ve been writing & creating ever since. Now I create digital products & courses to help creators make their processes easy & effortless - so they can enjoy the journey more (& create more with ease!).

Finally, Get Your Creator Life Organised With The Ultimate Creator Studio!

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