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30 Days Atomic Ideas Community Sprint

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Stop Hunting For Content + Start Growing A Bank Of Ideas You Can Pick From Anytime...

Are you always coming up short when it comes to what content to share? Wondering what ideas will resonate with your audience? Wondering how some creators seem to have a wealth ideas, but your cupboards always seem to be bare?

I spent 10 years wondering this too.

I could never seem to get a seamless flow of ideas to share online. I would get all excited and then fizzle out.

The reason was simple:
I was so focused on creating content and not building ideas.

And it's a mistake I see so many people who create content online make. The truth is your ideas are the engine that makes everything else run. But so many of us don't spend anytime really exploring & building our ideas. We're too busy trying to keep up with the constant pace of publishing content and don't build a deep enough reservoir of ideas so we constantly feel like content creation is like running a treadmill.

You're running, but getting nowhere.

The 30 Day Atomic Ideas Sprint Will Help You:

  • Transition from scarcity to abundance mode because you stop hunting for & start growing & tending ideas instead.
  • Stop feeling frantic when it comes to content creation because you have a practice that makes idea generation feely easy and effortless.
  • Become known for a set of big ideas that are unique to you & that you are so excited & passionate about.
  • Establish a practice where ideas just spring up at all times of the day & night and you're ready to capture & explore them.
  • Create a system for sharing your ideas repeatedly in a way that your audience (but more importantly YOU) don't get bored with.

Everything changed when I stopped focusing on content and started focusing on ideas.

The more I focused on my ideas. Building them into strong, opinionated big ideas that resonated with me and my audience - the more content I could easily share.

And so in this 30 day sprint I want to show you how to do the same.

We'll spend 30 days with one single focus: Exploring & Building A Bank Of Atomic Ideas that will be the foundation for hundreds of pieces of content that you can easily share (in fact we'll also build a 60 day content runway so you never have to worry about content again).

What's Included In The 30 Day Sprint

  • Access To The Atomic Ideas Masterclass (60 minute masterclass where I cover everything you need to know to start creating atomic ideas).
  • 30 Daily Prompts & Check-Ins to help you build your ideas each day.
  • Access to private Circle Community to chat, get feedback & resonance for your ideas.
  • 3x (Optional) Live Calls throughout the sprint to meet others, ask questions and get feedback.
  • Unlimited Support & Feedback from me throughout the 30 days.
  • Sprint Dates:
    COHORT 1: 1st - 30th March (Kick-Off begins on the 25th of Feb)
    COHORT 2: 27th July - 25th August (Kick-Off begins 23rd July)

This isn't a course. It's designed to be heavy on YOU doing the work in a focused community for a short period of time. We'll focus on the outcome of creating an atomic ideas file by building a daily idea habit. You'll walk away with a bank of Atomic Ideas and a 60 Day Content Runway.

What Even Is An Atomic Idea?

That's a great question. Atomic Ideas are like containers for your thoughts. Think of them like a concise packet of knowledge on a single concept designed to be easily shareable. They'll help you explore, build and share your ideas in a way that is so easy you'll wonder why you didn't start doing this earlier.

Why a community Sprint?

I have always found I work best when I have accountability & community. But we can't be in ALL the communities. So I figured why not setup a popup community where we can all work towards one goal for 30 days. No longer term commitment than that.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What dates will the sprint run?

The sprint will run from 27th July to the 25th August. We'll also have a few days of onboarding from the 23rd July.

How long do I need to allocate each day?

30 minutes as a minimum will be plenty of time to start focusing on your ideas.

Do I need any particular tools or apps to participate?

No. You can use whatever you feel comfortable taking notes with.

When Will The Live Calls Be?

There are three calls throughout the sprint & they are held in two different time-zones:

I already have the Atomic Ideas Masterclass, how is this different?

The sprint is designed to put what you learn in the masterclass to use. The focus of the sprint is to put the ideas you learned in the masterclass to use. We'll focus much more on building ideas than learning. If you have bought the masterclass then check you inbox for a special coupon for the sprint (or reach out to me at ev@evchapman.com and I'll send one through to you.

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30 Days of Accountability & Support

30 Days of Accountability & Support
Atomic Ideas Masterclass
Circle Community
3x Live Popup Community Sessions
Build 3-5 Atomic Ideas
Build a 60 Day Content Runway
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30 Days Atomic Ideas Community Sprint

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