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[WORKSHOP] The Unremarkable Twitter Growth Guide

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🚨 UPDATE: You can no longer purchase this product on Gumroad. Click this link to buy directly (& securely) from my website.

In the last 2 years, I've grown an audience on Twitter from less than 500 to over 16k. It's unremarkable growth compared to some of the stories you hear. But month-on-month it's steady, sustained growth that has allowed me to build a significant part-time creator income (I've sold over $30k in digital products as a result).

I know we probably don't need another Twitter course, but I believe there is a path to growth that doesn't require you to 'go viral,' use icky Twitter Bro tactics or sell your soul with clickbait.

You can grow on Twitter by having fun, being creative, showcasing your personality & even being a hot mess at times!

And in this 90-minute workshop, I'm going to show you exactly how I did it - all of my strategies, tactics & systems for building a sustained, engaged audience that absolutely loves everything you put out.

I can't guarantee you'll go viral or grow to 10k in 30 days. But I can guarantee that if you put in the effort over time it'll be worth it in the end.

What You'll Learn In This Workshop:

  • Why Twitter is the ultimate playground for creators right now
  • Why you should get over follower counts & Twitter Bro's and build the audience your message deserves
  • My exact strategy if I was starting again from 0
  • How To Find Your People
  • The Twitter Content Funnel
  • All the practical things like how to come up with idea, when to Tweet, how often, to thread or not to thread.
  • + get access to my bonus Twitter products The Endless Tweet Generator & Twitter Growth

This is a pre-recorded workshop that you can watch at your own pace & time. It includes a 2 hour video workshop + additional resources.

Don't go viral. Grow unremarkably

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[WORKSHOP] The Unremarkable Twitter Growth Guide

4 ratings