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Ev Chapman
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There are two practices that have made me a prolific creator over the last year - taking notes & creating a content production process. The (PRO) Creator Toolkit Bundle is the system I created for both.

Most creators fail not because they don't have passion for it, or they are not motivated. It's because they don't have a system to make it happen.

Over the past year, I've published over 300 atomic essays, a weekly newsletter, as well as countless articles, videos & a podcast. I did it all while working a full-time job.

But I didn't do it through hustle or effort.

I discovered the secret to infinite leverage lies in building a library of knowledge (notes) that both compounds over time and provides the building blocks for everything they create. And I put a foolproof system in place to make it dead easy to publish on not only on my best days... but more importantly on my worst days.

The (PRO) Creator Bundle of NOTES OS & CONTENT OS is the exact system I use daily to create an epic amount of content effortlessly (& have fun doing it at the same time).

This bundle is made of two products: Notes OS & Content OS:

What's Included In (PRO) Creator Notes OS:

  • Access to the (PRO) Creator Tools: Notes OS (choose either the Notion, Roam Research or Tana version).
  • Library & Source Templates. Save content & notes directly into your notes OS with the pre-built templates.
  • Writing Inbox. Never start from a blank page. Dive into your writing inbox each day to think & develop ideas.
  • Knowledge Library. Build a compounding source of notes & ideas that connect together and build into endless ideas for content.
  • Full Video Walkthrough & Setup Guide: Both the Roam & Notion version includes a step by step setup and how to use guide.

What's Included In (PRO) Creator Content OS:

  • Access to the (PRO) Creator Tools: Content OS (choose either the Notion, Roam or Tana versions).
  • Endless Idea Content Production Hub: Create ideas on tap & manage them through the production pipeline.
  • Remix Content Board: Watch what content resonates and create brand new content
  • Bottoms Up Niche Builder: Start writing, follow your interests and watch your niche reveal itself.
  • Full Video Walkthrough & Setup Guide: Both the Roam & Notion version includes a step-by-step setup and how-to use guide.
  • BONUS: Twitter Growth Lab: Track your Twitter growth

Both products have a Notion, Roam & Tana version to choose from (the aim is to choose one tool and not all of them).

Don't keep spinning your wheels as a creator trying to come up with new ideas. Spend time developing a library of atomic ideas that compound over time & become the building blocks for all your content.

This toolkit is a bundle of (PRO) Creator NOTES OS and (PRO) Creator Content OS. You can purchase these separately or as part of this bundle.

This product is not currently for sale.

(PRO) Creator Notes OS

(PRO) Creator Notes OS
(PRO) Creator Content OS
Notion Edition Included
Roam Edition Included

(PRO) Creator Toolkit Bundle

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