Online Course Tracker Template For Tana

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Stop Buying Online Courses You Never Use! Track Your Progress In Tana Instead.

I have a bad habit of buying online courses and then forgetting about them after the first few modules (out of sight, out of mind) and I know I'm not the only one suffering from this!

So I created this simple Online Course Tracker For Tana to keep all the current courses I'm doing - front & centre!

It's really a very simple template to help you track what courses you've signed up for, jump back into them easily because you have the course links & material right there in Tana & leave yourself some quick notes to help you remember where you got up to.

What You'll Get In The Online Course Tracker Template For Tana

  • 1x Tana Template with Supertags & live searches pre-configured
    • Add Course material, links & communities right in Tana so you can jump back in quickly
    • Add progress notes so you can pick them back up anytime
    • Keep all your notes about the course in one place
    • Connect it to your knowledge hub, Zettelkasten (or wherever you keep your notes)
  • 1x Course Hub Dashboard where you can see all your current & completed courses in one place
  • Full Setup & Configuration Video Walkthrough
  • Quickstart Guide that you can install in your Tana workspace to quickly jog your memory on how to use the template

Note: This is a Tana OS Template so you will need to have a Tana Account to use it.

I want this!

Online Course Tracker Template

1x Tana Template
Supertag & Live Search Configurations
Course Tracker Hub
QuickStart Guide & Full Video Walkthrough
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Online Course Tracker Template For Tana

3 ratings
I want this!