Weekly Review Template For Tana

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Stop Hating Your Weekly Review (or never doing it) And Get It Done In Less Than 30 Minutes Each week!

For years I've had a love-hate relationship with the weekly review. I've either spent 3 hours on a Sunday morning religiously processing everything (GTD style) or skipped it and just whinged the week.

Neither of these worked for me.

And this is why I was on a mission to make the Weekly Review a simple & enjoyable process that would take me less than 30 minutes. And guess what? I did it. And I've been using this process for the past 2-3 years every single week to help me feel organised going into a new week but also pay attention to HOW I work and make sure I keep working in my strengths.

What You'll Get In The Tana Weekly Review Template

  • 1x Tana Template with Supertags & live searches pre-configured
  • 1x YouTube Weekly Review Hub where you can see all your reviews in one place.
    • Reflection Board - Look back at your weekly reflections to spot patterns
    • Weekly Planning Process - A process to plan your week in less than 20 minutes
    • Your Week in GIFs gallery - A GIF says more than a thousand words. Get a vibe check of all your weeks in one gallery view.
    • Full Setup & Configuration Video Walkthrough
  • Quickstart Guide that you can install in your Tana workspace to quickly jog your memory on how to use the template

Note: This is a Tana OS Template so you will need to have a Tana Account to use it.

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Weekly Review Template

1x Tana Template
All Supertag & Live Search Configurations
Weekly Review Hub
QuickStart Guide & Full Video Walkthrough
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Weekly Review Template For Tana

3 ratings
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