The Effortless Creator Course: Leverage Your Notes --> Create Content With Ease

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The Effortless Creator Course: Leverage Your Notes --> Create Content With Ease

Ev Chapman
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Learn how to build a library of notes that turns creating content into an effortless, easy practice.

Being a creator can be relentless. By the time you've got over imposter syndrome, found some things to write about and some people who want to listen, you suddenly end up on a never-ending hamster wheel of content creation and you start to wonder if you can really keep up this constant pace.

In my experience, most creators lose steam, or they simply lose the love it.

But creating doesn't have to feel that way. There is a way to find flow, tap into your creative overflow, and finally stop pushing & simply create content with ease.

Hi, I'm Ev. I was a wannabe creator for 10+ years until I discovered the power of note-taking. Once I discovered how to take notes (that were actually useful) I unlocked a whole new world of creating and I've been publishing daily ever since. No heavy lifting, no relentless schedule, just by simply leveraging my notes.

In this course, I want to show you the system I've built to spark ideas, write notes daily & build a library of notes & ideas that form the basis for publishing content consistently & easily.

We'll be covering the mindset shifts you'll need to move away from the 'hustle' creator culture and switch on 'easy mode.' I'll talk about the only 3 practices you need to make creating content an effortless part of your day (and something you actually look forward to). And of course, we'll get into the nuts and bolts of the system & processes you'll need to support your effortless creator life.

What You'll Get:

  • 3x Self-Paced Modules that walk you through step by step how to build your effortless creator ecosystem.
  • 3x Session where we will dive into the mindsets & practices for leveraging your notes and creating an overflow of content. (see cohorts section below for live session times). All live sessions will be recorded.
  • Bonus Templates for implementing the system with Notion, Roam, Obsidian & any other notes app you use. The course is largely tool agnostic, but I want to give you the headstart you need in your tool of choice.
  • Access to the Effortless Creator Discord Community for support from others who are taking the course. It's always great to be able to swap notes, ideas & processes with others.
  • Lifetime Access to course content, community and curriculum updates as well as pop-up sessions & future cohorts with Ev.

Who Is Effortless Creator For?

😁 Aspiring Creators who've always had a desire to create, but don't know where or how to get started.

🤯 Burnt Out Creators who've made a start but quickly run out of steam and want a more sustainable way to create.

🤓 Seasoned Creators who want to up their game and create a sustainable system that helps them create with ease.

What You'll Learn

🧠 The Mindset Shifts Of The Effortless Creator

  • Less Effort --> More Ease
  • Bottoms Up Idea Generation Not Top Down
  • Follow Your Interests (not a niche) for endless ideas

🧘‍♂️ The Practices Of The Effortless Creator

  • Become a note-maker
  • Develop a writing inbox habit
  • Create Your 'Think In' Systems

⚙️ The Effortless Creator System

  • The 'Spark Notes' System of Note-making
  • Create A Compounding Notes Vault
  • Atomic Notes - The Building Blocks Of Content

What People Say...

If you have any questions please reach out to me on Twitter DM or email me and I'd be happy to answer them.

Finally, get off the endless hamster wheel of creating content and start creating effortless content from your notes.

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