The Tana Fast Track Course

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Skip the Tana learning curve, the hundreds of hours watching Youtube tutorials, downloading random templates & 'starting your workspace from scratch' because you've messed it up.

Instead build a 'Mind Like Water' workspace in Tana FAST that helps you unload your thoughts & ideas, make room in your head to think & create and move through your day fully engaged & energised doing work you love.

Fast Track your way to ultimate flow in Tana...

New Tools Are Cool. They Hold A Lot Of Promise. But Learning A New Tool Is A Nightmare. Tana Fast Track Is Designed To Help You Skip The Learning Curve & Simply Start Using Tana.

No Nightmares, No Tears, No Tearing Your Hair Out... 😍😁🤓

Make no mistake, Tana is one of the most powerful knowledge management tools in the marketplace today. It has the potential to skyrocket your knowledge and speed up how you work.

But unless you're a knowledge management creator like me you likely don't have the time to spend weeks & months trying to get your Tana workspace setup (let alone learn all the features that can actually make the tool powerful).

You need a fast way to simply start working in Tana & experience it's incredible 'mind like water' power.

And that's exactly why I created the Tana Fast Track course. It's designed to get you set up with everything you need and nothing you don't. No complicated ontologies or setups. And you learn the features AS you're setting up your workspace - so there's no wasted time.

It’s simply the best way for busy knowledge professionals who don’t have time to spare to get started with Tana OS

  • Get Started Fast
  • Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't
  • Learn how to unleash the true power of Tana
  • No boring tutorials - learn as you build

What We'll Cover:

Module 1: Intro To Tana. Learn about how Tana works,

Module 2: Learn The Fundamentals. Learn about the three pillars of Tana & how to use them to get set up: The Daily Page, Supertags & Live Searches. Using only these three tools you'll be able to build ANYTHING in Tana.

Module 3: Build A Mind Like Water System: Learn how to build a system to help you move through your day effortlessly, fully & engaged & energised. We'll talk about how to embrace your chaos, unload your thoughts & ideas and make space to think & create freely.

Module 4: The Fast Track Core Workflows. We'll cover a bunch of different setups you can use in your workspace including:

  • The Daily Page Setup
  • Work Management
  • Meetings & People
  • Knowledge Management
  • Creator Organisation
  • Horizons Planning (weekly, monthly, yearly planning templates)

Module 5: Advanced Stuff. In the final module, dive deeper into some more advanced things that Tana can do. For most people, the basics are absolutely fine. But when you’re ready you might want to jump into some of the more complex and advanced things that Tana can do.

What's Included In The Tana Fast Track Course?

Tana Fast Track Modules

8x hours of video content walking you through the fundamentals of Tana. This isn't just boring 'how to' videos. We'll walk through 6 common setups while learning the basic and more advanced features of Tana.

Most people dive in over a weekend and come out on Monday with a full Tana workspace setup!

One Page Reference Guide

Every setup is detailed in the Tana Reference Guide including supertag setups, searches and configurations. It's built using Tana, so you can paste it right into your workspace.

One-Click Install - Core Templates

The best way to learn Tana is to go through the setups yourself, but if you're pushed for time, you can simply copy & paste the one-click install URL's into your workspace and be up and running 10x faster than anyone else.

Tana Fast Track Circle Community

Join the growing number of people who are enthusiastic about getting organised with Tana. Get quick help & feedback, share your own workflows, join us for live office hours & catchups.

A Note About Tana Invites

If you need a Tana invite, I have a limited number (less than 40) for anyone who signs up. If you see this message, there are still invites!

Once you sign up send me a DM in Circle to let me know you need one & I'll get it to you straight away!

Why Buy A Course From Me?

I've been known to be a great teacher (check out my YouTube videos if you want to get my vibe), cool vibe. Plus, I don't want to push you into my way of doing things... I'll always encourage you to experiment, and find ways that work for you.

Here's what some people have to say:

Some love from the Tana Slack Community 💛

The Tana team were speechless at how quickly I got setup in Tana

You can just call me your Tana big sister 😄

"I'm a coach and therapist who works primarily in the addiction and recovery space. I create content, courses, and ebooks. I do a lot of reading and research and needed a way to organize that information. Ev's course helped me put all the relevant systems into place, so I can track my workflow on a daily basis. I know exactly where I am and what I need to do each day. She's very down to earth and uses "smooth brain" language instead of a bunch of tech terms. Fantastic course for someone who doesn't want to reinvent the wheel, and just wants to get systems into place and get to work."

-Tamera Martens

"I'm a solopreneur, creator and homeschool my teenager so I have a ton of things to organize. I fell in love with Tana as soon as I saw it and jumped in to get things set up. When I saw Ev was creating a Tana course it was an immediate yes! The course is so well organized and helped me streamline my setup so I have everything where I need it and can focus on getting things done and getting back to my life. I cannot more highly recommend this course! Ev consistently overdelivers in everything she creates and Tana Fast Track is no exception."

-Nicole Folker

"Ev's Tana Fast Track Course saved my time and energy and increased joy in my creative work. Her way of teaching, tremendous knowledge, and deep understanding of what she teaches, combined with her sparkling energy, helped me to build my PKM. Now, I have trust in my system that I'll find what I need when I need it. I found my creative mojo again and can focus on pursuing my life purpose. Thanks, Ev."

-Monika Puskas

Hey, I‘m Stephan and I just breezed through the course in a weekend and I absolutely loved every second of it!
I‘m currently working as a PhD student in neurosciences and I‘m super interested in PKM, Note Taking, Stoicism, just generally being the best version of myself and to reflect a whole lot about myself.
Tana fast track helped me getting into working with Tana from Task and Project Management to advanced note taking, cross referencing and especially setting up supertags and creating dashboards of different parts of my life based on those supertags.

Ev is teaching this course super understandably, communicating her thoughts about Tana‘s functionalities and how she‘s getting the best out of those features. This course gave me a deep basic understanding on what possibilities Tana has and how it could fit in my workflow.

I would definitely recommend enrolling in this course since on my own, I would‘ve taken a whole lot more time to get to the knowledge about Tana than after going through this course!

- Stephan Tang

Excellent intro to Tana!
- Step-by-Step instructions on how to implement systems into Tana.
- I feel equipped to jump in and use the systems as described and then edit to make it fit my workflow
- This course will be a helpful resource to go back and review as needed.

Thank you for putting this together. Highly recommend for others to use to get started!

- Paul

The Tana Fast Track course is super practical and useful. The Use Cases are elegantly put together, and the one-click installs make it easy to go from theory, to practice and dare I say it, mastery, in what feels like no time at all.

Would I buy the course again? 100%.

- Joe

You don't have to go down the Tana rabbit hole all on your own. Let me guide you to get set up & working in Tana quickly & easily.

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The Tana Fast Track Course

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