Spark Toolkit: 101+ Tools To Help You Share Your Ideas Online

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The Toolkit To Help You Spark Endless Ideas & Content

I've spent hundreds of hours over the last 3 years collecting frameworks, prompts & tools to help me explore my ideas & ship content faster.

I struggled to share my ideas online consistently for 10+ years. I would start excitedly & think 'this is it' I'm going to do it this time. And after a few weeks or months, I would just fizzle out.

It's not that I didn't have enough ideas. I just struggled to turn them into content consistently, easily & efficiently. I would be good for a week or two and then I wouldn't share anything for months.

3 years ago I started collecting a few post frameworks to help me plan & write content. Those few frameworks grew into more frameworks, headlines, prompts, content angles and tools to help me explore every angle of an idea and create an amazing amount of content fast.

(I've written something like 25.7k Tweets 😱)

The toolkit has become my secret shortcut to creating endless amounts of content quickly & easily. And now it can be your shortcut too!


  • You want to feel clear & confident when sharing your ideas but right now you are constantly second-guessing yourself & your content.
  • You feel overwhelmed by the process of turning your ideas into content that resonates & you want a clear & easy roadmap that makes it easy to go from idea -> content.
  • You want to create content that deeply resonates & sparks meaningful conversation with your audience, but you feel like at the moment it just falls flat.
  • You have lots of ideas. But you struggle to organise, articulate & ship them out into the world.

It's Time To Stop Second Guessing Yourself & Start Creating Powerful Ideas & Sharing Them Confidently.


  • ✍️ 90+ Content Tools: Post Types, Frameworks, Headlines & Signals Boosters so you can stop wasting hours trying to figure out HOW to share your ideas and instantly create a stream of content that deeply resonates with your audience.
  • 🧠 40+ Idea Tools: Thinking Frameworks, Idea Angles & Behavioural Triggers so you can quickly map out your ideas, find interesting angles & build BIG ideas that get the resonance they deserve.
  • 🔀 Tana & Notion Versions so you can use the toolkit in your tool of choice.
  • 📥 Embed the toolkit into your existing system so you can easily open it anytime you're working on content (and it doesn't go to the graveyard of unused Notion templates)
  • 🤩 Over 130+ Prompts & Frameworks so you'll literally never run out of ways to mix & match your ideas to different content types & frameworks (plus I'll show you how to keep building your toolkit)
  • BONUS: AI tools & prompts to help you apply the tools faster so you can take some of the heavy lifting away & streamline the process of going from idea -> content.

This isn't just a bunch of tired frameworks. It's a toolkit that gives life to your ideas ✨

Frequently Asked Questions

I already own Content OS/Consumer Creator/Tana Fast Track. How Is The Toolkit Different?

The Toolkit is the perfect companion to any of my content templates. Rather than a template to organise ideas, the toolkit is more of a resource you can add to the templates to help you enhance your ideas. It's designed to be able to embed right into Content OS (or any other of my systems).

I don't use Notion or Tana to plan & organise my content, will the toolkit still work?

Absolutely. You can easily export the Notion Version and use it in your preferred system (People have imported it into Obsidian using the Notion importer for example).


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The Spark Toolkit - 101+ Tools To Help Spark Ideas & Content

Access To The Notion Or Tana Version
Setup & Quickstart Guide
User Guide
Bonus AI Toolkit (use the guide alongside ChatGPT)


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Spark Toolkit: 101+ Tools To Help You Share Your Ideas Online

8 ratings
I want this!