[MASTERCLASS] How To Build A Digital Product Using Notion

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So, you're a creator on the internet. You've built yourself a fair size audience, people are responding to what you put out and now you're wondering what's next. 

How do you take that audience and make a little $$$

75 days ago I had written a few blog posts on my website. Fast forward to today and I've published almost 80 essays, released 2 digital products, and I'm about to release two more. How? I used the library that I created to build knowledge products and I used Notion to distribute them. 

I learned some things along the way and thought it would be fun to put together a workshop showing you how you can utilise the power of Notion to build & sell your own knowledge product. 

The Masterclass

In the masterclass I cover:

- How to take what you created and turn it into something people will pay you money for.

- What kinds of digital products you can build in Notion.

- All the notion basics you'll need to build your first product. Pages, databases, embeddable media. And how to make it look AMAZING.

- How to sell your product from pre-sale to launch and the tools you'll need to make it happen.

The Resource Dock

+ Get access ot the on-demand replay and a growing list of Notion resources that you can use to create your own digital products including:

⚡️ All my Canva templates for beautifying your workspace

⚡️Notion tutorials on how to build pages and integrate databases

⚡️ A huge list of swipe files of digital products for inspiration

⚡️All the formula resources you could ever wish for!

⚡️Your own product launch checklist

⚡️A product starter template to get you going building your first one

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1 x Masterclass Recording + Notion Resource Dock

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[MASTERCLASS] How To Build A Digital Product Using Notion

4 ratings